Don’t Miss Toronto’s Truly Haunting Attractions

Haunted houses in Toronto are the perfect immersive and spine-tingling experience. Whether you want something to do for Halloween, or you just like creepy stuff, we’ve got you.

The attractions we’ve found for you are carefully designed to create an atmosphere of fear and suspense. Further, visitors can navigate through dark, winding corridors, encountering frightful surprises at every turn. Actors in elaborate costumes and makeup add to the terror, ensuring a heart-pounding adventure.

For those seeking a thrilling adrenaline rush, Toronto’s haunted houses are a must-visit.

Popular Haunted Houses In Toronto

Image: @thehauntedoffice on Instagram

1) Legends Of Horror

Image: @legends_ofhorror on Instagram

Experience immersive theatre as Casa Loma’s grounds transform into a 2 km trail, starting in the lower gardens and winding through tunnels and secret spaces. Over an hour, explore theatrically designed sets in the castle’s depths, meeting characters in this unique environmental theatre. Don’t miss the climactic 3D projection on the castle’s exterior, further bringing the story and walls to life.

2) Canada’s Wonderland Halloween Haunt

Image: @canadaswonderland on Instagram

3) Martino Manor

Image: @martinomanor on Instagram

This three-story haunted house features authentic Victorian and Depression Era decor. Further it’s complemented by an outdoor maze with chilling elements like a well house, mausoleum, morgue, chapel, and solarium.

Live actors, cutting-edge animatronics, and film-quality set design enhance the fear factor. However, please remember that their an age recommendation is 14+. Martino Manor aims to test your courage and deliver unforgettable scares. Because of their effort in this way, it’s one of the scariest haunted houses in Toronto.

4) Zombie Apocalypse

Image: @indiealehouse on Instagram

Zombie Apocalypse is Toronto’s newest and largest zombie-themed haunted house, offering a gripping and immersive experience. Set within the eerie Biolux pharmaceutical facility, guests navigate unsettling showrooms and venture into grim Biolux labs with horrifying experiments and deranged scientists.

The journey continues through survivor camps, where humanity’s last stand against the zombie apocalypse unfolds. Housed in a two-story historic building, live actors and theatrical design ensure a 30-minute immersive experience. Because of this, it’s one of the best haunted houses in Toronto

5) The Haunted Office

Image: @thehauntedoffice on Instagram

The Haunted Office, a former workplace for 250 employees, has transformed into Toronto’s ultimate Halloween fright fest. Claiming to be the city’s scariest Halloween experience, it further offers regular hours from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. (closed on Oct. 16, 17, 23, and 24), and extended hours from Oct. 27 to 31, running from 6 p.m. to 12 a.m.

Get ready for spine-tingling scares in this abandoned office building.

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