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The best brunch Vancouver has to offer embodies the city’s diversity and creativity.

From cozy cafes to upscale eateries, the options cater to various tastes. Local, seasonal ingredients shine, with a strong focus on sustainability. Neighbourhoods like Gastown and Kitsilano house charming cafes, while Granville Island Public Market offers artisanal delights.

Further, because of the backdrop of stunning natural scenery, enjoying brunch in Vancouver is a picturesque experience. Quality coffee and coastal influences add to the charm. Vancouver’s vibrant brunch scene, with its innovative dishes and breathtaking views, makes it a top destination for brunch aficionados everywhere.

The 11 Best Brunch Spots In Vancouver

Image: @pinkcapuccino on Instagram

1) Café Medina

Image: @medinacafe on Instagram

For a trendy brunch spot, choose Medina. Its popularity in Vancouver is evident from the queue outside. Despite the wait, the menu delivers. Locally sourced ingredients come together to create Mediterranean-inspired comfort dishes and their signature fluffy waffles.

Don’t miss the soul-nourishing Harissa burger, featuring harissa-spiced beef on grilled pita with fried eggs, hummus, baba ganoush, and preserved lemon.

2) Chambar Belgian Restaurant

Image: @chambar_restaurant on Instagram

Located in Chinatown, this charming Belgian eatery offers daily breakfast and an extensive weekend brunch menu. Ideal for elegant brunches, it features a concise yet diverse menu, encompassing delights like chorizo paella and three styles of Ocean Wise mussels. Pair with fluffy Belgian waffles and elevate your meal with white chocolate-pistachio rosewater infusion in lattes. This is definitely some of the best brunch in Vancouver.

3) OEB Breakfast Co

Image: @oeb_breakfast on Instagram

Nestled in Yaletown, this vibrant breakfast venue offers a sunlit ambiance, a waterfront view, and exceptional seafood choices. A recent addition, it showcases an extensive menu with highlights like a lobster and shrimp crepe, diverse breakfast poutines, and a must-try wild boar spalla. One of the yummiest spots for your best brunch in Vancouver adventures.

4) Forage

Image: @foragevancouver on Instagram

Forage establishes connections between patrons, local fishers, foragers, and farmers. Their menu focuses on both delectable flavors and an unwavering dedication to local ingredients. Because of this, they foster community through communal dining.

Explore their diverse offerings, including Happy Hour, Dessert, Dinner, Brunch, Breakfast, and Wine menus. Looking for something specific with your fam? Experience their iconic Bison Board and the Forage Family Feast, ideal for gatherings of 6-15 guests.

5) The Acorn (Vegan Friendly)

Image: @acornvancouver on Instagram

Acorn, an acclaimed Main Street gem, boasts one of the world’s finest vegetarian and vegan-friendly eateries. Prepare for an enchanting brunch experience featuring vibrant, intricately crafted dishes.

However, keep in mind that whether you’re vegan or not, you’ll appreciate the extensive ingredient lists and the freedom to enjoy brunch classics like eggs with their artful twists.

6) Homer St. Cafe

Image: @homerstcafebar on Instagram

Occupying Vancouver’s historic Homer and Beasley Buildings, Homer St. Cafe & Bar is a Michelin-recommended gem. One of the best brunch restaurants in Vancouver, they showcase classic comfort cuisine. For example, their striking red rotisserie dominates, roasting diverse proteins. Additionally, they’re open daily for dinner, happy hour, and brunch on weekends and holidays.

7) Twisted Fork Bistro

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This charming bistro-style brunch haven offers daily French-inspired breakfast delights. Indulge in the must-try Banana-stuffed French toast, generously portioned. The asiago scones are equally tempting for an on-the-go treat.

Further, for a savoury option, explore egg dishes with baked beans for a cross-channel breakfast experience, complete with French press coffee. However, either way you can’t go wrong.

8) Catch 122 Cafe Bistro

Image: @catch122 on Instagram

Catch 122 is a culinary haven in North Vancouver, however they used to be in Vancouver proper. This restaurant pays homage to its origins through its name, inspired by a famous novel and their original address.

One of the best brunch options in Vancouver, they offer creatively crafted dishes, warm hospitality, and a vibrant atmosphere. Because of their focus on honest and delightful fare, it’s a must-visit destination for food enthusiasts in the city.

9) Belgard Kitchen

Image: @belgardkitchen on Instagram

Situated near a winery and brewery in the Settlement Building, Belgard Kitchen shines with its evening tapas and captivating weekend brunches.

Don’t miss their attention-grabbing brunch skillets. For example, they feature wagyu meatballs, along with indulgent bread pudding French toast and the signature Belgard bacon, or even a maple bourbon pork belly adorned with maple caramel.

Additionally, Ocean Wise seafood is an added highlight.

10) Botanist

Image: @botanistdining on Instagram

In Vancouver, Botanist Restaurant offers an enchanting brunch experience. Nestled in the Fairmont Pacific Rim, it dazzles with its sophisticated ambiance and inventive menu.

Indulge in culinary delights that showcase locally sourced ingredients, expertly prepared. Further, the restaurant’s commitment to botanical-inspired cuisine elevates brunch into an extraordinary journey of flavours and aesthetics.

11) Breakfast Table

Image: @breakfasttable604 on Instagram

Breakfast Table, a family venture, adds distinctive Asian flavours to Vancouver’s dining scene. Founded in September 2016 by brothers-in-law George Koay and Michael Lee, the restaurant reflects their values and years of industry experience.

Additionally, quality ingredients, cultural influences, and warm ambiance define their approach. Rapid expansion led to a larger, inviting location in January 2020. Now, as they approach their sixth year, they’re excited to open a new space in Steveston!

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