Everything You Need To Know About Forillon National Park

Forillon National Park – Québec, is a natural haven that you’re going to love if you’re into nature and oxygen. And who isn’t into nature and oxygen?

This gorgeous destination showcases rugged cliffs, lush forests, as well as picturesque coastlines. Basically, it has it all as far as parks are concerned.

Visitors can hike along breathtaking trails like Les Graves, explore historic sites like the Cap-des-Rosiers Lighthouse, and also indulge in birdwatching and wildlife spotting. Camping facilities and scenic viewpoints are plentiful, with Cap Bon-Ami being a favorite.

With a rich marine ecosystem, this park is also perfect for kayaking and whale watching. Forillon National Park promises an immersive adventure into Canada’s natural and cultural heritage.


Leaving from Gaspé to Forillon National Park – Quebec?

Getting to Forillon National Park from the town of Gaspe is relatively straightforward, as the park is nearby. Here are your directions:

  1. From Gaspe, head north on Route 132 (Boulevard de Gaspe) toward Rue de la Reine.
  2. Continue on Route 132 North for approximately 37 kilometers (about 23 miles).
  3. Look for signs indicating the entrance to Forillon National Park. The park entrance will be on your right.
  4. Follow the road into the park to access various trails, viewpoints, and facilities.

The drive from Gaspe to Forillon National Park only takes around 30-40 minutes, depending on your exact starting point. Once you reach the park entrance, you can explore its natural beauty and attractions.

What City is Forillon National Park In?

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Forillon National Park is located in the Gaspe Peninsula of Quebec, Canada. The nearest town to the park is Gaspé and the nearest airport is the Michel-Pouliot Gaspé Airport.

The park encompasses a large area within the Gaspe Peninsula, and is a must-visit if you’re really wanting to check out the nature scene in Quebec.

Where Is The Entrance To Forillon National Park?

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The primary access point to Forillon National Park is situated in the park’s southern sector at La Penouille, approximately 19 kilometers from downtown Gaspé via Route 132 West.

Afterward, it’s an additional 14 kilometers along Route 132 and Boulevard de Grande-Grave to reach the tollbooth at Petit-Gaspé, where visitors pay the park entrance fee.

Open & Closing Time

While the tollbooths at Forillon National Park are always open during the park season, the Visitor Information and Discovery Centre is open from 9am to 5pm.

Forillon National Park Tickets

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Here is some general information about tickets and fees for Forillon National Park in Quebec, Canada. Please note that fees and policies may change over time, so it’s essential to check up to date fees on the official park website

  1. Entrance Fees: Forillon National Park typically charges an entrance fee for visitors aged 18 to 64. The fees vary depending on the duration of your visit and whether you’re entering by vehicle, on foot, or by bicycle.
  2. Annual Discovery Pass: Parks Canada offers an annual Discovery Pass that allows unlimited access to many national parks and historic sites across Canada, including Forillon. This pass is an economical choice for frequent park visitors.
  3. Free Admission: Children under 18 and Canadian citizens aged 65 and over often enjoy free admission to national parks.
  4. Special Programs: Parks Canada may also offer special programs and promotions, such as free admission on select dates or discounts for certain groups, so it’s worth checking their website for any ongoing offers.

Please remember that fees and policies can change, so verify the current rates and details before planning your visit to Forillon National Park.

Can You Camp at Forillon National Park?

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Forillon National Park offers diverse camping options. This includes front-country campgrounds with amenities, backcountry camping in remote areas with permits, and also comfortable oTENTik accommodations.

Reservations are recommended, and fees may apply.

What Animals Are In Forillon National Park?

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Forillon National Park is home to a rich diversity of wildlife. Because of this, visitors can spot various species, including seals, whales, black bears, moose, and numerous bird species. It’s a prime destination for wildlife enthusiasts and photographers.

Are Dogs Allowed at Forillon National Park?

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Pets are allowed in Forillon National Park, but there are specific regulations to ensure the safety of wildlife and park visitors. Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times, and certain areas, such as beaches, may have restrictions. Always clean up after your pet.

The Exciting History of Forillon National Park

What Is Special About Forillon National Park?

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Forillon National Park, located in Quebec, Canada, boasts a rich and exciting history. Originally inhabited by Indigenous peoples, the area later witnessed European exploration and fishing activities.

In the 20th century, it was the site of thriving fishing communities. Today, the park preserves the cultural heritage of these communities, including historic buildings and fishing artifacts.

Visitors can delve into this history while exploring stunning coastal landscapes. Because of this, Forillon National Park is one of the most beautiful and refreshing spots you can visit in the area.

Popular Spots In Forillon National Park


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Cap-Bon-Ami, located within Forillon National Park, is a captivating coastal promontory known for its panoramic views of the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Visitors can explore hiking trails, witness breathtaking sunsets, and appreciate the natural beauty of this iconic spot.


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Grande-Grave is a historic site within Forillon National Park, preserving the cultural heritage of early fishing communities. Visitors can explore well-preserved buildings, learn about the region’s fishing history, and also appreciate the scenic beauty of this picturesque coastal area.

Cap Gaspésie

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Cap Gaspésie, located in Forillon National Park, is a prominent headland on the Gaspe Peninsula. It offers spectacular vistas of the rugged coastline and sea cliffs. Further, you can check out the Gulf of St. Lawrence, yet another reason that this spot should be on your bucket list!

We hope you enjoy your adventures in this beautiful park, and make them a memorable part of your trip.

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