Don’t Miss Burlington’s Phenomenal Greek Cuisine

Ready to experience the best greek restaurant Burlington has to offer?

Indulge in Burlington’s phenomenal Greek cuisine, where you’ll savour authentic dishes bursting with Mediterranean goodness. However, you’ll also find good service, and additionally fun atmospheres!

From mouthwatering gyros and souvlaki to delicious baklava and spanakopita, this culinary journey will transport you to the heart of Greece.

The 7 Best Greek Restaurants In Burlington

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1) Barangas On The Beach

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Barangas On The Beach is a waterfront dining gem. Located in Burlington, Ontario, this restaurant offers a stunning view of Lake Ontario. However, that’s not all! Enjoy a diverse menu featuring fresh seafood, steaks, and additional Mediterranean-inspired dishes. They do, additionally, have lots to offer in the drink department as well.

The relaxed atmosphere, attentive service, and breathtaking scenery further make it a perfect spot for any occasion.

2) Sotiris Greek Restaurant

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Sotiris Greek Restaurant is a culinary haven in Burlington, Ontario. Because of their warm and inviting ambiance, they’re known for inspiring the authenticity of actual Greece.

From classic moussaka to succulent souvlaki and creamy tzatziki, the menu offers a taste of Greece. Whether for a cozy dinner or special celebration, Sotiris promises great food, however that doesn’t mean they don’t also have exceptional service! An all-around hit.

3) Colossus Greek Taverna

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Colossus Greek Taverna is a popular Greek restaurant known for its delicious Greek cuisine and vibrant atmosphere. They offer a wide range of delicious Greek dishes, including souvlaki, moussaka, and baklava. The restaurant’s authentic flavours and friendly service make it a fantastic choice for even the most discerning Greek food enthusiasts.

4) MYTHOS Greek Cuisine | Wine Bar

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MYTHOS Greek Cuisine | Wine Bar is a delightful dining establishment that brings the flavors of Greece to life. Located in a charming setting, it offers a super menu filled with traditional Greek dishes like moussaka, kebabs, and Greek salads. Additionally, their food can all be paired with options from their extensive wine selection. The warm and inviting atmosphere makes it a perfect spot for enjoying Mediterranean cuisine and fine wines.

5) Sakis Mediterranean & Greek Restaurant

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Sakis Mediterranean & Greek Restaurant is a culinary treasure offering a taste of the Mediterranean in its finest form. Serving some of the best Greek food in Burlington, they have a delectable menu of Greek classics like souvlaki, spanakopita, and baklava. Because of this, they have the flexibility to make creative twists on their dishes. Additionally, they do it well!

With its delightful tzatziki and friendly service, Sakis is a must-visit for those seeking authentic Greek flavours.

6) Paradiso

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Paradiso is a renowned restaurant with locations in both Oakville and Burlington, Ontario, Canada. Known for its upscale dining experience, Paradiso offers a diverse menu featuring Italian-inspired cuisine, including pastas, seafood, and gourmet pizzas.

With its elegant decor and exceptional service, Paradiso is one of the best Greek restaurants Burlington has to offer.

7) Olive Us Greek Restaurant

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Olive Us Greek Restaurant is a charming dining establishment that transports guests to the heart of Greece through its culinary offerings. They specialize in authentic Greek cuisine, further serving up delicious dishes such as moussaka, gyro, and Greek salads.

With a cozy atmosphere and friendly service, Olive Us promises a delicious Greek dining experience, complete with wine, friends, and lots of puns.

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