Leaving Can Be A Bittersweet Moment…

Saying farewell can be a mix of emotions, but one thing that always adds a dash of humor to the farewell equation is the legendary tradition of funny going away cakes. From hilarious inside jokes to cleverly crafted confections that leave everyone in stitches, these cakes have become an essential part of any farewell party.

So let’s dive headfirst into the world of funny farewell cakes. Further, let’s showcase the creative brilliance of bakers and the playful spirit of send-offs… one funny slice at a time.

…Why Not Soften The Blow With A Nice Cake! (Right? Right??)

Image: Bored Panda on Pinterest

Lightening a going away party with a funny going away cake can have several compelling and entertaining benefits:

  1. Memorable Farewell: A funny cake ensures that the departing individual leaves with a smile. It creates a lasting memory of the farewell, making it a special event for both the guest of honour and the attendees.
  2. Icebreaker: Humorous cakes are excellent conversation starters. They break the ice and set a relaxed atmosphere, encouraging guests to mingle and share stories.
  3. Emotional Balance: Goodbyes can be emotionally charged, and a funny cake can provide a much-needed dose of levity. Laughter is a powerful stress-reliever and mood lifter.
  4. Personal Touch: A custom-made funny cake can be tailored to the person leaving, reflecting their personality, interests, or shared memories with colleagues or friends.
  5. Social Media Buzz: In the age of social media, a hilarious cake can become an instant hit online, allowing friends and family who couldn’t attend to share in the farewell joy.
  6. Endearing Keepsake: The cake itself can serve as a keepsake or a photo opportunity, preserving the moment in pictures and memories.
  7. Unity: Sharing a laugh over a funny cake brings people together, fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie among attendees.

Incorporating humour through a funny going away cake can transform a potentially sad event into a heartwarming and joyous one, ensuring that the departing individual feels loved and cherished as they embark on their new journey.

15 Funny Going Away Cakes That Will Make You Double-Take

Image from Pinterest

#1) Batman’s parents

Image: Bored Panda on Pinterest

I mean, if you’re a Batman fan, you’re going to love this one, right?

It’s definitely an inside joke. And as far as funny going away cakes are concerned, it’ll create conversation because it doesn’t really make much sense. Does it?

#2) Grumpy Cat

Image: Flickr on Pinterest

I think this one would have a really self-esteem boosting effect for the person leaving. It’ll make them feel glad that they’re abandoning someone who’d put a grumpy cat on a cake just to get them out the door.

#3) How rude, but ok.

Image: Nicole Stein on Pinterest

What we love about this one is the excessive use of little rosebuds to make it extra pretty. The chocolate icing, and the cute humour is really quite sweet.

#4) Get tf OUT

Image from Pinterest

This is a really great use of a stick person, if you ask me. This funny going away cake demonstrates minimal effort. However, it still has a really powerful effect on the viewer. GTFO!

#5) Aw. Get it? Donut.

Image: Libertad on Pinterest

Well lemme just say this is the first time I’ve seen DONUTS ON A CAKE. Further, I’m into it. This cute little pun cake seems like it was put together by a really thoughtful intern. However it also could have been an ultra-considerate boss. Either way, it does the trick!

#6) Bold emoji cake

Image from Pinterest

The mix of capital and lower case letters, coupled with the wild emoji, is energetic and fun. Further, its colloquial language will hopefully make this funny going away cake’s effect lasting and light.

I think that whoever is leaving will actually miss these people. I would.

#7) Sassy

Image: Dolce & Banana on Pinterest

This funny going away cake boldly declares, “This badass bitch has resigned!” A delicious farewell statement that captures the departing spirit with humour and sass, ensuring a memorable departure and lots of laughs.

#8) Well done.

Image: Odd Stuff on Pinterest

It’s great when people have confidence. This cake further demonstrates a solid sense of self with these awkward colours. Sorry for your loss, (it’s me, I quit) is bold and sassy with a touch of arrogance that really hits.

#9) Wow they really go for it.

Image from Pinterest

I question the office culture in a place that would make this funny going away cake. Am I fair in doing so? It’s pretty mean, however it’s also possible that Nancy entirely deserves this treatment.

#10) Juxtaposition

Image: 9GAG on Pinterest

The contrast of this delicious-looking rainbow cake with the harsh caption makes it different and fun. You’re dead to us, we hope you fail. It has a nice ring to it.

#11) Aww #2

Image from Pinterest

This one looks sincerely sad that the person is leaving. I think if it was me leaving, I would want to know that I would be sincerely missed. This funny going away cake isn’t very funny. I wonder if the person who made it had a crush on the person leaving. Because of this maybe they missed the memo that it was supposed to be a “funny” going away cake.

#12) Again, confidence.

Image: Gurgaon Bakers on Pinterest

I think this group of people really know their worth. Further, look at those sprinkles. I bet the people who made this funny goodbye cake are great co-workers. Additionally, I’d put money on the fact that this person will have a hard time finding new ones to measure up.

#13) Whatever Dan

Image from Pinterest

This is funny, right? This reminds me of awkward office humour that some people get and other people just roll their eyes at. I like how they underlined dead. Adds emphasis to the word that’ll really make Dan feel missed.

#14) Literal

Image: Lori D. on Pinterest

Poor Michelle.

#15) Cake as reference

Image: imgur on Pinterest

The quotation marks around “hard work” really slap.

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