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Vegan Soup

Vegan Soup is a perfect winter soup for dinner or lunch with tasty lentils and your favorite vegies. Complete your healthy dish with some basil and flatbreads to make it extra delicious. You’ll need: Onion, chopped, 1Garlic...

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Vegan crispy cauliflower salad

Vegan crispy cauliflower salad, simple and super easy salad to make, with delicious avocado, quinoa and lime dressing. Served with sourdough bread. You will need: • 1/3kg. Cauliflower• 2 tbsp. maple syrup• 1 tbsp. ketchup• 1/2...

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Uncategorized Side Dishes

Crispy vegan snacks

Delicious vegan nuggets made with seasoned potatoes and cabbage. A perfect snack to enjoy with some mayo or any favorite dipping sauce. Ingredients: Potatoes, medium size, 5Cabbage, 0.2kg.Garlic, 1 cloveBuckwheat flour, 0.5...

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