8 signs and symptoms of breast cancer


Cancer is a dreadful disease, which means the abnormal replication of cells that will lead to a tumor formation. and breast cancer is the second most common cancer among women. It is the most common malignant condition of the breast. Malignant means cells that grow harmfully and uncontrollably. It is basically formed in the tissues of the breast. It spreads mainly through the Lymphatic system.

Breast tumor can be defined in two types:
Firstly, malignant breast tumors mean cancerous.
And secondly, benign breast tumors mean not cancerous.

In the following lines useful information will be illustrated about the common signs and symptoms of breast cancer that don’t include a visible lump in the breast to avoid said disaster.

Sure, there are many noncancerous explanations for all the following signs, if you feel any suspected symptoms. Kindly, consult your doctor soon and ask about if any tests are needed to realize the situation perfectly.

1.Consistency changes in the skin

There are several changes that may have occurred due to breast cancer in the skin cells.
These changes include: Flaky skin on the nipple which extends to the dark circle of skin (areola) around the nipple, or thickening skin on the breast.

Said changes may be the symptoms of a rare type of breast cancer called Paget’s disease in the meantime, it may occur as a result of other benign skin conditions such as dermatitis and eczema.